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Food and Drug Doping Control Laboratory has been committed to the control of the forbidden substances in our country’s foods, drugs and healthcare foods and to the test and research works on food-borne doping since it was founded in 2009.
All the scientific research personnel in the lab are postgraduates and have years of experiences in doping test on the frontline and have rich practical experience. The lab possesses multiple internationally advanced precise analysis equipments with high sensitivity, like, liquid chromatograph tandem mass spectrometer and gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer etc. The lab has passed the accreditation by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment and the national metrology accreditation by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China at the beginning of the establishment. The lab was successfully qualified by the food inspection institution in 2013 and became the key lab of the General Administration of Sport of China in July 2014, and the lab has been the only illegal additives detection agency for the approval of the healthcare foods with anti-obesity and anti-fatigue effects designated by the China Food and Drug Administration all the time.
Business Scope of the Lab
I. Test and Analysis of the forbidden substances in foods and drugs
The lab has established liquid mass test methods and gas mass test methods independently covering more than 300 forbidden drugs. The following drug categories can be detected:
II. Detection of the substances (such as clenbuterol) in the meat products served for athletes
The lab self-established the methods better than those in the national standards, which are applicable for the test and control on the substances (such as clenbuterol) in the meat products served for the athletes. Since 2010, the lab has been testing the meat products served for the athletes in the national team training base, which has effectively avoided the occurrence of food-borne doping events on the athletes and has played an irreplaceable role in our country’s sports field.
III. Test and analysis on the urine sample of the non-athletes
The lab can also perform test and analysis on the specifically forbidden substances contained in the urine sample of the non-athletes according to the customer’s requirement and the occupational requirements of the special industries. Such as: the lab has undertaken the drug test work on the urine samples of the employees of ConocoPhillips since June 2010 etc.


The lab operation is managed strictly according to the Quality Manual and the Procedure Document
The general purpose is: quality first, customer first
The quality guideline of lab: “prudence, accuracy, trustworthiness, satisfaction, promise, improvement”, i.e.:
Perform detection and management works with a prudent scientific attitude and strictly abide by the recognized guideline;
Ensure the accuracy of test results and maintain an authoritativeness and credibility of the test reports;
Present honesty and trustworthiness in entering into contracts and strictly perform the bounden duties;
Provide the customers with satisfactory services and strengthen the customers’ sense of trust;
Fulfill the promises made to the customers and ensure the fairness and reliability of the detection results;
Constantly improve management system, continuously comply with the requirements of the recognized guidelines and review guidelines