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DCO Seminar in 2019

2019-05-23 14:47:14

The 2019 Doping Control Officers Seminar was held in Beijing from May 11th to 12th. Mr. Chen Zhiyu, Executive Director General of the China Anti-Doping Agency, Long Shengjun, the Director of the Education and Anti-Doping Coordination Division, the Department of Science and Education of the General Administration of Sport of China, and 180 Doping Control Officers (hereinafter referred to as the “DCOs”) attended the event. Bjerga Erling from Anti-Doping Norway was also invited.
Mr. Chen Zhiyu emphasized the extreme importance of anti-doping efforts, especially in the lead up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Testing activities in 2018 was summarized, and new requirement for the new circumstances was raised during the seminar. It is the first time that athlete representatives were attended the DCO seminar. Weightlifter Yang Zhe, Champion of the Asian Weightlifting Championship, and Trampoline athlete Dong Dong, Gold Medalist of London Olympic Games, shared their doping control testing experience.
Moreover, Hearing cases attended by DCO and DCO plans of Beijing Winter Olympic Games was introduced by Mr. Cheng Yao and Ms. Ling Lin.
The DCO Seminar is an annual event to summarize for the past and look into the future. During the preparation period of 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the DCO team will work hard to be professional, protect the clean sport environment, and make contributions to the aim of “clean gold medal”.
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