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The First 3 NADOs Meeting Held Successfully in Beijing

2019-08-16 13:45:05

The first 3 NADOs meeting, among Japan Anti-doping Agency (JADA), Korea Anti-doping Agency (KADA) and China Anti-doping Agency (CHINADA), was held successfully in Beijing on 18 July, with 16 participants from Asia/Oceania Office of World Anti-doping Agency (WADA), JADA, KADA and CHINADA. It was chaired by CHINADA. Mr. Chen Zhiyu, Executive Director General of CHINADA, hosted the meeting.
It was the first time CHINADA, JADA and KADA convened a 3 NADOs meeting, and reached preliminary agreements on the working methodology of the future meetings, including coordination of the themes of each NADO’s symposiums in 2020 and athlete committee. Resolutions were as following.
1. The 3 NADOs meeting will be held in a rotation mechanism every year, usually before or after every NADO’s seminar. The chairperson and secretariat of the meeting will be from the host NADO.
2. The 3 NADOs meeting will coordinate the themes of the 3 NADO annual seminars, to avoid repetition and form a sound mechanism. The NADO which holds the seminar firstly next year will inform the other two of its related policies in close coordination and cooperation with WADA.
3. The 3 NADOs will strengthen testing cooperation.
4. The 3 NADOs have decided to listen to more voices from athletes. Athletes are at the core of sports. They will firmly protect clean sports and rights and interests of clean athletes.
5. An agreement among the sport ministries of the 3 countries may be signed in the future to cooperate more effectively.
3NADOs also discussed collaboration with ITA.
Mr. Kazuhiro Hayashi, Director, Asia/Oceania Office of WADA, considered the cooperation of the 3 NADOs very important for anti-doping in not only Asia but also the whole world. WADA is ready to support and advise for the cooperation among them.
Mr. Chen Zhiyu believed that the 3 NADOs meeting is a platform for the 3 NADOs to cooperate and communicate with each other. He hoped that in the future the 3 NADOs may cooperate in more fields.
This meeting accepted unanimous praise from attendees. It was “a historical meeting, quite meaningful.” The next 3 NADOs meeting was scheduled to be held by KADA in April, 2020.



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