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Anti-Doping Outreach Program of the 7th CISM Military World Games: "Win Clean Medal" for world-wide military athletes

2019-10-25 19:47:48

The 7th CISM Military World Games opened on October 18th, 2019. CHINADA officially launched the anti-doping outreach program themed "win clean medal" in the athlete village on October 16, promoting sport spirit and anti-doping knowledge. Till now, the admission of this program is 1,000 per day in average, and the overall scale is expected to be nearly 10,000.
This is the first time for CHINADA to implement anti-doping outreach program in a comprehensive international game. The activity adopts the Chinese gold medal model of outreach program, and sets 7 games related to sport spirit for athletes. Participants from all over the world uses WADA’s Play True Quiz to answer anti-doping questions. Through the Q&A session, athletes and support personnel will gain anti-doping knowledge, which will also improve their awareness and the ability to resist doping.
Outreach Program base also has other games of sport spirit in various forms and kinds, especially the "playing real games" (Ring-toss), "throwing at clean sports" (Darting) and "throwing at fair games" (Tuho), have attracted many athletes. In the form of infotainment, athletes have facilitated their interest in anti-doping knowledge and deepened their understanding of "clean medal" and "Chinese sport spirit". Athletes can win their incentives as a ward when finish these games.
The participants of the activity are military athletes from all over the world. Military solders’ spirit coincides with "Chinese Sport Spirit". Athletes actively participate in Play True Quiz and sport spirit themed games with a fair and happy attitude and abide by the rules.
One of the main features of the anti-doping outreach program base is the signature area, where athletes and support personnel from all over of the world leave their names, messages of the activity and even the national flag onto the wall. A beautiful scenery in the athlete village that attracts numerous media for publicity.
CHINADA also carried out a survey on anti-doping education for athletes and support personnel who participated in the activity, and learned in a global vision about the development of anti-doping education, participants' mastery of anti-doping knowledge, and their experience and impressions on this program.
This program is the first-time cooperation in anti-doping education between CHINADA and CISM, which is well received by the athletes. The activity will last till October 27. CHINADA will continue to convey the "Chinese Sport Spirit", imbue "win clean medal" concept, and strive to achieve all sports games being held in a fair environment.
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