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Grade Point System Adopted as Innovative Model for Anti-Doping Qualification Program of Tokyo Olympics

2020-05-08 17:45:47

CHINADA is leveraging on its online education platform in anti-doping qualification program (ADQP) for Chinese delegation to the Tokyo Olympic Games.
Complying with pandemic prevention and control requirements, online education plus grade point system was adopted for ADQP for the Chinese delegation to Tokyo Olympic Games. Athletes have to complete online courses and pass exams on the “Tokyo Olympics” session on CADEP ( to earn required points to qualify for the Games.
Figure 1 Homepage of the grade point system
Regarding the online courses, six courses on anti-doping knowledge and ten courses specifically targeting at preparations for the Olympics have been provided in this session for athletes to study at any time. The scope of these courses covered “Rights and Responsibilities of Athletes in Doping Test”, “Whereabouts Report”, “Prevention of Inadvertent Doping” and “Anti-Doping Rules for Tokyo Olympics”, etc.
Figure 2 Study Interface of Interactive Courseware
Meanwhile, to spice up the study process with more fun, an interactive design was adopted for the specific courses, where gamified knowledge points, game-clearing study process, entertaining quizzes and special point-based ranking took away the boredom of anti-doping education. The courseware was also made available on the official website of CHINADA for all athletes and the public.
According to statistics, since the launch of the online courses of Tokyo Olympics Special Session, a total of 1,565 athletes and assistants of 31 sports including athletics, swimming, weightlifting have completed the first stage of study on “Rights and Responsibilities of Athletes in Doping Test”. The results of athletes were generally satisfactory except for several points which were not fully understood and mastered. According to the work plan, CHINADA shall continue to enrich the contents of qualifying anti-doping education and provide elaborated training on more fallible points, thus imprinting the knowledge on athletes and building up their anti-doping awareness and capacity.
As an online education platform launched by CHINADA in 2017 in an effort to facilitate anti-doping education featuring “full coverage, full cycle, constant and systematic”, CADEP features a 3-in-1 model integrating qualifying education, extended activities and awareness lectures. After years of continuous improvement and updates, the platform has now become an influential one in the sports circle in China, with over 190,000 subscribers up to now. Meanwhile, in the context of international anti-doping campaign, this open platform shall share China’s abundant anti-doping education resources of high quality, contributing China’s capacity and wisdom to the international development of anti-doping education. CHINADA will continue to improve the functions of CADEP by innovating the education model and elaborating the course contents, adding fuel to the anti-doping education based on “win clean medals” as the fundamental values.


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