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Chen Zhiyu   Executive Director General
Ding Tao       Deputy Director General
General Administration Department
Human Resources, Finance, Security, and other Administrative issues.
LIN Haiyan(Director)  DONG Daning(Deputy Director)   
Logistical Support Department
Logistical Support
ZHANG Xiangyu(Director)  SUN Limin(Deputy Director)  DONG Ying(Deputy Director)
Education and Prevention Department
Information and Education activities, media communication, website management, school educational programs.
SAI Fei(Director)
Testing Department
Annual and period TD, in-competition and out-of-competition test, Athlete RTP, Whereabouts, Paid Tests, DCO management, and reaction on reported doping activities.
WANG Shusheng(Director)  YANG Xiaoye(Deputy Director)  LING Lin(Deputy Director)
Legal Affairs and Investigation Department
Anti-Doping intelligence system, result management, hearings, ABP and TUE management, investigation on Doping Cases, and the World Anti-Doping Code-related work.
WANG Xinzhai(Director)  CONG Jun(Deputy Director)
Public Services Department(Food and Drug Doping Analysis Lab)
Analysis for PEDs of food, drug and supplements, among other medications and chemicals. Researches on new analytical methods.
XU Youxuan(Director)
National Anti-Doping Laboratory
Athlete sample analysis and scientific research.
ZHANG Yinong(Director) ZHANG Lisi( Assistant Director )