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Therapeutic Use Exemptions

Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) refers to that the athletes who do need to use the forbidden substances or methods specified in the forbidden list for the purpose of medical treatment shall apply as per the regulations in the Management Methods of Therapeutic Use Exemptions and shall be granted for use after being approved.
TUE work is an important constituent part of anti-doping work. Stick to the anti-doping working policy of rigorous prohibition, strict inspection and cruel punishment to prevent doping use in sports while to allow the athletes to use certain forbidden substances or methods for the purpose of medical treatment after being checked and approved by the therapeutic use exemptions committee, which is conducive to timely and safe treatment of the athletes’ injuries and will protect the physical and psychological health of the athletes and secure the athletes’ right to participate in sport in an equal way. On one hand, this shows the high attention paid by the state and the society to the athletes’ life and health and demonstrates the spirit of “people-oriented”; on the other hand, it reflects the strict management on the drug use of athletes. Allowing athletes to use certain forbidden drugs under special situations through rigorous examination and approval procedures will not damage the interests of other competitors, instead, it will provide max. guarantee to all the athletes for fair participation in sport.
The implementation of TUE is an internationally-accepted practice to ensure safe medication of the athletes in domestic and international sports. The International Standard of Therapeutic Use Exemptions formulated by WADA has made explicit and specific regulations on therapeutic use exemption work. In order to ensure timely and safe treatment on the athletes’ injuries and to maintain consistency with the internationally-accepted practices, Chinese Olympic Committee Anti-doping Commission started survey and drafting of the management methods of TUE in 2005 and formulated the TUE Management Methods for Athletes (Trial) (TKZ [2007] No. 49) in March 2007 and established TUE committee to be responsible for athletes’ TUE application. After the China Anti-doping Agency is established, Chinese Olympic Committee Anti-doping Commission transferred TUE examination and approval functions to the China Anti-doping Agency as per the assignment of responsibility. Since January 2009, the China Anti-doping Agency started to be responsible for the establishment of TUE committee and for undertaking the responsibility of examining and approving the application of athlete TUE. The China Anti-doping Agency has formulated the Management Methods of Athlete TUE through investigation and consultation and carried out revision on the actual work situations and international rules in 2013. The China Anti-doping Agency has expanded the expert panel of TUE committee and employed 6 medical experts above associate chief physician level from the third-grade class-A hospitals in Beijing in a bid to ensure the independence, professionalism, authoritativeness of approval works so as to provide better service to the athletes.
Contacts of TUE Committee
Contact person: Luan Zhaoqian
Address: Legal Affairs and Investigation Department of China Anti-doping Agency, No. 1, Anding Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Postal code: 100029
Tel.: 010-84376808
Fax: 010-84376809