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Anti-Doping work in China insists on the principle of “prevention in the first place, education as the foundation and integration control with integration”. It holds the view that long-term effective Anti-Doping education work and advocating pure sports can cultivating the cultural atmosphere of rejecting use of doping in the sports, which creates good environment for athletes to have fair competition.
Basic contents of the Anti-Doping publicity and education include general knowledge education, health education, ethic education, law education as well as the ideological education, in which “Prohibited use of substances and methods in the list, doping regulation violation behavior, doping check procedure, exemption of medicine for athletes treatment, doping regulation violation penalty, harm of the doping to health, damage to the sports spirit and adverse effect to the society, right and obligation of athletes and their assistant personnel, risk of nutritious supplements etc.” required in the World Anti-Doping Code is included, and domestic and foreign historical evolution of the Anti-Doping, important events, China’s standpoint of the Anti-Doping, Anti-Doping legal system with Chinese characteristics and measures of how to preventing doping issues from happening etc. are also included. The Anti-Doping Agency writes the foregoing contents into various forms of Anti-Doping education knowledge handbooks, question answering or knowledge textbook and distributes them to athletes and relevant assistant personnel with different age and different ranking in different programs (coach, team leader, team doctor and managerial personnel).
The Anti-Doping Agency prepares various types of publicity and education products to promote the concept of “fair competition and pure sports” in a lively manner. For example, famous athletes such as Liu Xiang, Deng Yaping, Yang Yang, Wang Yifu, Ma Lin and Cheng Fei are invited to be the Anti-Doping image ambassador to publicize the Anti-Doping idea through their practice; images of the above 6 athletes are made to poster, postcard and picture poster to distributed to all National Single Sport Associations and Local Bureau of Sports and to athletes in the doping check in and out of the competitions.
According to features such as thought and age of the athletes, the Anti-Doping Agency makes cartoon series on Anti-Doping, which introduces physiological hazards and checking procedures of the Anti-Doping as well as prevention of ingestion by mistakes and prudence in taking nutrients to the athletes through lively multimedia teaching materials, and instructs the athletes to enhance their Anti-Doping awareness via practical cases and prevent doping issues from happening in injury treatment and daily life.
The Anti-Doping Agency designs and makes various Anti-Doping publicity and education souvenirs, including water jug, mouse, shower towel and shoe bags to be distributed to athletes at the site of anti-loping knowledge lecture and education activities, which are warmly welcomed by the athletes. The souvenir does not only attract athletes to actively take part in the on-site Anti-Doping publicity and education activities but also spreading the concept of “fair competition and pure sports”, achieving the purposes of education in the maximum level.
Besides the on-site publicity and education activities, the Anti-Doping Agency also makes full use of the modern network platform to conduct the Anti-Doping publicity and education: athletes and relevant personnel are not only able to browse and download all Anti-Doping publicity and education materials on website of the Anti-Doping Agency or learn the Anti-Doping knowledge through on-line study but also they are able to check their mastering of the Anti-Doping knowledge by means of answering on-line questions.
The Anti-Doping publicity and education materials and their transmission lay solid foundation for athletes, their assistant personnel and relevant personnel to establish proper outlook of life and values and to improve their ability to consciously reject the doping application behaviors
Meanwhile, the Anti-Doping Agency focuses on delivering Anti-Doping related knowledge and information via the news media so as to improve the Anti-Doping awareness of the public including athletes and the assistant personnel and to create a good public opinion environment for Anti-Doping.
Website of the Anti-Doping Agency ( makes full use of network and posts Anti-Doping news, message, notification and relevant Anti-Doping policies and regulations on the website in time, becoming an important platform and a forward position for carrying out publicity and education.
To strengthen the Anti-Doping publicity, the Anti-Doping Agency creates a monthly journal named the Anti-Doping Developments, which has been revised in 2011 and 2015 respectively to realize excellence in picture and its accompanying essay and expand the issuing scope. The Anti-Doping Developments were sent to charging offices of various sports bureau in each province, Anti-Doping agency at the provincial level, sports science research at institute the provincial level, national high-level talents base and the doping checking site etc. each month, and the electronic copy of the Anti-Doping Developments is uploaded to website of the Agency for download, which are welcomed by visitor of the website.