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It is specifically indicated in the Measures for the Administration of Anti-Doping enforced from Jan. 1, 2015 that all types of sports organizations at all levels shall pay attention to the Anti-Doping publicity and carry out the Anti-Doping publicity work in various manners. According to the multiple-year exploration and discovery of the Anti-Doping workers, the lecture on the Anti-Doping knowledge is an effective way of publicity and education.
The lecture on the Anti-Doping knowledge refers to a way of education in which training lecturers identified by the Anti-Doping Agency spread the Anti-Doping knowledge to the athletes, their assistant personnel and the public face to face within the specified time so as to improve their Anti-Doping awareness.
For the purpose of standardization, systematization and professionalization of the Anti-Doping knowledge lecture, the Agency develops systematic lectures for different programs and different audience; to expand the scope of education and improve the effects of education, the Agency picks out excellent Anti-Doping workers nationwide, conducts training and certification for them and establishes professional team of lecturer for the Anti-Doping education.
Previously the Anti-Doping knowledge lecture mainly targets for the athletes and their assistant personnel combining with access system for participating in the events. In the future, with continuous deepening of the access system from access to the participation to access to joining the team and registration, the Anti-Doping knowledge lecture in the internal sports system will become more and more normalized; with gradual improvement of knowledge on the Anti-Doping work in the public and continuous increase of demands for the Anti-Doping knowledge, the Anti-Doping knowledge lecture will have more opportunities to serve participants of the school and mass sports.