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Administrative Measures for Athlete Whereabouts Information

In order to improve out-of-competition doping control quality and ensure accurate and effective out-of-competition doping control of athletes in the doping registered testing pool, General Administration of Sport has developed the Administrative Measures for Athlete Whereabouts Information (hereinafter called “Measures”), in accordance with the Anti-Doping Regulations of State Council, in reference to World Anti-Doping Code, and International Standard for Doping Control. All athletes in the registered testing pool announced by CHINADA shall report the whereabouts information strictly in accordance with the Measures.
Registered Testing Pool
I. Significance of establishing the registered testing pool
All athletes registered in single sport associations have the obligation for doping control, and accurate athlete whereabouts information is the basic guarantee for effective implementation of out-of-competition doping control. To ensure reasonable making of control plan and effective implementation of doping control, CHINADA and international single sport associations will establish a register of high-level athletes for competition and out-of-competition doping control, i.e. “registered testing pool”, in accordance with athletic performance, drug risk and other factors. All athletes listed into the registered testing pool shall declare the athlete whereabouts information to related institutions.   
II. Scope of registered testing pool
Doping registered testing pool is a register of high-level athletes for doping control established by China Anti-doping Agency (CHINADA), on the basis of project features, important event performance, international and domestic annual ranking of athletes, registered testing pool of international single sport association, athletes in suspension period, and other factors.   
CHINADA will appropriately adjust the doping registered testing pool, in accordance with athlete retirement, suspension, comeback and athletic performance change etc.
III. Registered testing pool list
CHINADA will announce the inclusion criteria of “registered testing pool” and the list of athletes in “registered testing pool” every year, and update the list of athletes in “registered testing pool” periodically according to the announced inclusion criteria. All information will be sent in writing to each relevant single sport association and local sports bureaus, and CHINADA website will announce relevant information and tables.