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Updated E-learning System Fueled the 13th National Games Anti-Doping Qualification Program

2017-09-29 16:52:23

Anti-Doping Education Qualification Program is a mandatory working system that demands athletes and athlete support personnel should receive anti-doping education upon joining the team, getting registered and participating in sporting events, by accomplishing the four-step procedure of attending the lecture, having exams, taking an oath and finally getting approved to get the qualification.
By cooperating with CHINADA’s strategic partner SINA Sports, CHINADA has developed the Anti-Doping Education Qualification Program System of the 13th National Games, with which athletes and their support personnel can complete the mandatory educational procedure through their PC and mobile phone. It is the first time that anti-doping qualification program has got completely online since the program introduced in 2010. The household female swimming athlete Fu Yuanhui is invited as the spokesperson of anti-doping education. The video “Fu Yuanhui teaches you how to use Anti-Doping Education Qualification Program System” has gone viral on the internet.
According to the requirements, all the athletes and athlete support personnel who might join the Games have to complete the task. 23162 people (14398 athletes and 8764 ASP) in total have been involved in this online learning system, with 100% coverage, 24% full-mark performance and 0 disqualification.
Participants are requested to finish two videos watching for the study step. One is compulsory 17-minite length “Six Rules”, and after that, they can select one specific anti-doping video from 5 in total before they are allowed to take the quiz.
“I find it more suitable for nowadays athletes. I can do it whenever I am available,” Fu Yuanhui said. The survey done by Program Inspection Panel also suggests that the newly invented e-learning system has boosted athletes’ desire to acquire the knowledge and the mechanism seems more likely to get young athletes hooked. “I have studied it for three times before I got the full marks,” Zhou Youcheng said, a 18-year-old sprinter based in Chongqing, who has got full marks in both the program’s exam and random inspection conducted by CHINADA.
As an important part of 2017 National Anti-Doping Education Scheme, 32 sport bureaus on the provincial level have assumed their responsibility to make sure each one of targeted subjects to be incorporated in the program with the guidance from CHINADA. CHINADA will continue to reform and upgrade the system, and it is estimated that the 2nd generation will be fully functional by the next year’s Provincial Games, through which anti-doping education will be delivered to every athlete in China. 


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