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Vice Sport Minister Li Yingchuan, Visited Norway with Chinese Anti-Doping Delegation

2017-10-10 13:34:14

21-24 September, 2017, Li Yingchuan, Vice Sport Minister of General Administration of Sport of China and Chen Zhiyu, executive director general of China Anti-Doping Agency led the delegation of 5 paying a visit to Ministry of Culture and Norway Anti-Doping Agency in Oslo, Norway.
Norway and China signed cooperative agreements between governments and national anti-doping agencies, and this visitation is aim to further promote the cooperation. Ms. Linda Helleland, Norway Sport Minister and WADA Vice President, says that Norway will provide China with winter sporting events running experience, and will spare no efforts in facilitating the athletes and coaches exchange program. Li Yingchuan speaks highly of the efforts made by Ministry of Culture of Norway to Chinese winter sports, indicating that Norway and China have promising future for cooperation in winter sports and anti-doping. Two parties shall protect clean sport, and contribute to facilitating the world anti-doping. Afterwards, two parities discussed specific cooperation issues concerning sports and anti-doping between Norway and China.
During the visit, national anti-doping organizations from China and Norway gave each other an introduction to education, testing, legal and investigation of this year’s working progress. Two NADOs agreed on future cooperation framework, content and path, and fully exchanged views on issues of concern. In the meeting, CHINADA invited ADNO to attend the 2nd World Anti-Doping Education Conference in 2018, Beijing, China.
Chinese delegation paid a visit to Norway Anti-Doping Laboratory, and two sides discussed the cooperation affair in the field of anti-doping laboratory.
This visit deepens the mutual trust between China and Norway, extends the scope of cooperation, and promotes the friendship. Communication activity is concluded successfully and yields satisfying results. This meeting confirms that CHINADA and ADNO will make concerted efforts cooperation in the next step will be around information and education, big data and precise testing, doping issues in the light of public health, personnel exchange, and intelligence gathering and investigation etc.
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