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CHINADA Launched Large-Scale Value-Based Education Program for China's 13th National Games

2017-10-10 13:39:05

In August 2017 during China's 13th National Games, CHINADA launched a large-scale Athlete Outreach Program at the Athletes’Village as an effort to promote value-based education in this country.  In less than 20 days, the Anti-Doping Experience House at the heart of the Athletes'Village had a total of 4050 visitors, who played CHIANDA's on-site games or joined their diversified activities for 32940 times.
This Outreach Program gave birth to the “Cloud of Sport Spirit”, which is the Anti-Doping Education brand in China. It is the Chinese way of interpretation of the values-based Anti-Doping Education. The "Cloud" is composed by definitions of Sport Spirit, denoting ideal and purity, which is applied, as a symbol and medium, in all the Anti-Doping Education activities.
It is the first time that CHINADA has been given a separate place to hold the event, and CHINADA enrich it with innovative designing and all kinds of ideas.
Each Athlete coming to the House is given a prize card, and it lists several quests or games that participants have to accomplish. The very first quest is doing the anti-doping quiz, and this is also the prerequisite before they can get the prize. Athletes can use their phones to scan qr-code on the poster get into the quiz interface. They have to get 80 of 100 to get passed. After that, they can get prize by finishing the quests accordingly. These quests include several interactive games themed at “Clean Sport” and “Sport Spirit”. With each quest accomplished, Athlete would be awarded with different takeaways. Once they finish all the quests, Athletes will get sport spirit medal.
CHINADA expanded this value-based education outside of the Athletes'Village, by working with the LOC and reach out to doping control stations, competition venue, and some of the public areas.
Media like CCTV, Xinhua News Agency and Sina Sport covered this Value-based Education Program and they are glad to introduce it to the general public. One thing they found in common is that the Anti-Doping Experience House is definitely the most popular site in the athlete village.
Distinguished guests including Mr. LI Yingchuan, Vice Sport Minister of China and Mr. Kazu Hayashi, Director of the WADA Asia/Oceania Office appraised this Program and spoke highly of the innovation.
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