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CHINADA Officially Institutes 3rd Hearing Committee

2020-05-08 17:54:12

On the morning of April 10, 2020, the Hearing Committee of China Anti-Doping Agency (CHINADA) (hereinafter referred to as Hearing Committee) hosted a plenary session for a smooth transition of membership with the inauguration of the 3rd Hearing Committee. As required by COVID-19 epidemic control, this plenary session was held in the form of videoconferencing with all members of the Hearing Committee, leaders of CHINADA and other related personnel attending the session through online discussions.

The 3rd Hearing Committee consists of 18 members (as listed below), including experts in the fields of law, medicine, sports and anti-doping, practicing lawyers and managers of national sports social organizations, etc. Prof. Huang Jin, former President of China University of Political Science and Law and prominent jurist, and Li Hao, Director of Anti-Doping Department, Weight Lifting, Wrestling and Judo Agency were respectively elected as Chair and Vice Chair of the Hearing Committee.

Prof. Huang Jin, Chair of the Hearing Committee, addressed the session with important remarks, acknowledging the pivotal role played by the Hearing Committee as China’s sports strides towards modernization and rule of law with comments and expectations for the newly elected Committee in terms of evolution of values of hearing, developments in the hearing system, self-improvement of hearing officers, internal capacity building and professional ethics within the hearing committee, etc. Li Hao, Vice Chair and Han Yong, Member of the Hearing Committee, respectively shared their impressions and reflections on chairing and participating in hearings. Wang Xinzhai, Deputy Director General of CHINADA and Secretary-General of the 2nd Hearing Committee, delivered the working report on behalf of the 2nd Hearing Committee, presenting the major initiatives undertaken by the Committee since 2016, analyzing current problems and challenges facing anti-doping hearing and giving advice on continuous improvement of expertise and quality of hearing.

In his closing remarks, Chen Zhiyu, Executive Director General of CHINADA, emphasized the importance of anti-doping initiatives and institution of the hearing committee and stated his expectations and mandates for capacity building of the hearing committee, including specific measures adopted by CHINADA to continuously support for the hearing committee and ensure its independent and impartial performance of tasks.

The 1st and 2nd hearing committees were respectively instituted in April 2012 and December 2015, with a total of 129 hearings held since 2016, playing a critical role in ruling doping violations in a fair and impartial manner, protecting the legitimate interests and rights of parties concerned, and safeguarding the authority and credibility of anti-doping initiatives. In the next step, CHINADA shall review Rules on the Hearing for Doping Violations in the light of changes in national and international rules and further facilitate the independent, impartial, professional and efficient performance of its duties; the Hearing Committee shall invest more efforts in studying new rules and improving its internal operation model, hence continuously upgrading the professional quality of hearings through accumulation and exchange of experience.


List of Members of the 3rd Hearing Committee



Huang Jin


Vice Chair:

Li Hao


Members (in the order of number of strokes of surname)

Yu Chong, Associate Professor, School of Criminal Justice, China University of Political Science and Law

Fang Zilong, Researcher, Sports Medicine Teaching and Research Office, School of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, Beijing Sport University

Yan Xufeng, Professor, Beijing Sport University

Li Hao, Director of Anti-Doping Department, Weight Lifting, Wrestling and Judo Agency

Su Hao, Associate Professor, School of Kinesiology, Beijing Sport University

He Jun, Deputy Director, Anti-Doping Office, China Athletics Association

Zou Xinxian (Female), Professor, School of Management, Beijing Sport University

Song Huifang (Female), Director and Chief Physician, Beijing Sport University Hospital

Zhang Jianmei (Female): Deputy Director and Associate Chief Physician, Supervision and Administration Center for Medical Affairs, Research Institute for Sports Medicine  

Jiang Tao, Associate Professor, School of Law, China University of Political Science and Law

Jiang Xi: Associate Professor, Shanghai University of Political Science and Law

Xia Jing (Female), Associate Professor, School of Law, Jianghan University

Huang Jin, Professor and Former President, China University of Political Science and Law

Chen Guang (Female), Attorney, City Development (Beijing) Law Firm

Han Yong (Female), Professor, Capital University of Physical Education and Sports

Dong Shuangquan, Partner, Great Wall Law Firm (Beijing)

Zeng Fanxing: Professor, Beijing Sport University

Pei Yang, Associate Professor, School of Law, Beijing Normal University


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