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CHINADA Launches the 2020 Doping Control Officer Seminar

2020-09-09 16:17:42

The 2020 CHINADA Doping Control Officer Seminar was held on August 15-16. Present at the Seminar were Mr. Chen Zhiyu, Executive Director General of CHINADA, Mr. Ding Tao and Mr. Wang Xinzhai,Deputy Director Generals of CHINADA. A total of 866 DCOs and Anti-doping staffs from China’s provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities attended the conference and received training on-site and online.

(Mr. Chen Zhiyu was making the speech)

Mr. Chen briefed the overall situation of anti-doping work since 2019, stressing that it is necessary to fully understand the current international and domestic situations; on the basis of summing up the successful experience in doping control, further effective measures and deployment should be taken to ultimately achieve the goal of “Zero Occurrence” of doping issues at the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games and Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

Mr. Chen proposed that we should focus on improving our professional competence, attach great importance to testing, and maintain independence and impartiality. He also suggested that the DCOs should strengthen their sense of responsibility, improve their professional capacity and enhance their sense of service, and, meanwhile, make sure to comply with the law and practise honesty and self-discipline.

Deputy Director General Ding Tao declared the decision to honor and award the DCOs who detected anti-doping rule violations in 2019, and the decision to honor and grant work allowances to the DCOs who had worked on the frontline during the Covid-19 prevention and control.

Deputy Director General Wang Xinzhai delivered the 2019 Doping Test Report, in which he comprehensively introduced the development of testing, analyzed and identified the problems existing in doping control as well as the risks and challenges faced in the work in light of the impact of the current situation on doping control. In addition, he introduced the idea of the management of DCOs in the year of 2020, and put forward new requirements for the next stage of the work.

In particular, Mr. Wang pointed out that all DCOs shall be in strict compliance with the ISTI and the Doping Control Guideline during the epidemic prevention and control period and make sure to have “Zero Transmission” and “Zero Infection” during testing. He suggested that the DCOs should further improve their thinking pattern of work, emphasize their own personal development so as to keep promoting the construction of the DCO team.

(DCOs from the main venue and sub-venues in Zhejiang and Tianjin were taking the solemn oath)

At the seminar, Mr. Cheng Yao, Deputy Director of the Legal Affairs Department, elaborated on the judicial interpretation of doping criminalization by adducing a number of cases; Ms. Yang Xiaoye, Deputy Director of the Testing Department, interpreted the main changes to the 2021 World Anti-Doping Code and the International Standards for Testing and Investigation; Ms. Yan Qingping, Deputy Director of the Operation and Management Department, introduced the relevant work on anti-doping operation and management, highlighting the Chinese Anti-Doping Intelligence Management Platform and the Dry Blood Spot project which are related to testing; Mr. Wen Hongtao, Deputy Director of the Testing Department, presented the revised “Measures for the Management of Doping Control Officers” and organized an in-depth discussion. At the subsequent seminar, the DCOs were offered an intensive training on doping control during the epidemic and how to use the new urine sample collection equipment.

The main venue in Beijing was connected online with the sub-venues in various provinces of Liaoning, Shandong, Shanghai, Shaanxi, etc. For the purposes of further improving the quality of the overall DCO team through full discussion and exchanges, the DCO representatives shared the information on DCO team building and their work experience in conducting testing during the epidemic and at international events. Besides, the representatives of the Organizing Committee of the 2021 Shaanxi National Games were invited to introduce the preparations for doping control of the Games.

(DCO Exchanged experiences remotely)

For the purpose of preventing and controlling the epidemic at this conference, upon careful organization and planning, CHINADA, for the first time, adopted the combination of online and on-site conference to strictly control the number of on-site participants. One main venue and five sub-venues were set up in Beijing, and 30 sub-venues were set up in provinces and cities outside Beijing. All participants completed the online accreditation test at the same time. Besides, CHINADA required all the on-site participants to sign the DCO Commitment to Covid-19 Survey, have temperatures taken, wear face masks and keep social distance while sitting, which minimized the risk of gathering while ensuring the effectiveness of the Seminar.

(Hubei  Sub-venue)
(Shandong Sub-venue)
(Shanghai Sub-venue)


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